Who We Are

All people live with dignity in safe, healthy, and affordable homes within communities of opportunity. 

HDC Vision Statement

Through education, advocacy and leadership, HDC supports and inspires its members as they work collaboratively to meet the housing needs of limited-income people throughout King County.

HDC Mission Statement

Networking at the HDC Annual Luncheon

As an advocate, broker, and convener of and for our members, the Housing Development Consortium of Seattle-King County supports and inspires our 150+ member organizations as they work collaboratively to meet the housing needs of limited-income people throughout the region.

Over the past two and a half decades, HDC’s membership has grown to encompass all of the major nonprofit housing developers in King County, as well as major financial institutions, consultants, architects, building contractors, attorneys, accountants, service providers, local housing authorities, and government agencies, and our members work tirelessly to serve the many families and individuals in communities throughout the County who cannot afford market-level rents or home prices.

Each night, 116,000 individuals, 9,800 of whom are children, go home to rental units and affordable homes created or preserved by HDC’s member-based network. Click here to learn about all the ways HDC members are working to make an impact socially, economically, and financially.

By bringing organizations, government agencies, and businesses together around shared values and a commitment to the community, HDC has also become nationally recognized as a leader in affordable housing advocacy. Each year, HDC’s staff, members and supporters stand up to advocate for affordable homes, equitable communities, and an end to homelessness. Visit our advocacy section to learn more about our current work, or click here to view our most recent advocacy actions and accomplishments.

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