Housing Washington 2014

Housing Happenings at Housing Washington 2014

This year HDC has partnered with three other housing consortia in Washington State at a booth in the exhibit hall at Housing Washington, the Washington State Housing Finance Commission’s 21st Annual Affordable Housing Conference. A quick scan around the exhibit hall revealed that many of HDC’s 105 members and countless allies were present and busy wooing the nearly 700 attendees representing the Washington State affordable housing community.

Friend of Housing 2014 RecipientsAt lunch on Tuesday, Kim Herman kicked off the annual Friends of Housing Award by presenting Wendy Jans, the partner of former HDC Executive Director Harry Hoffman, with a Friend of Housing Award in Harry’s honor. It was a moving expression, honoring the great leader Harry was within the affordable housing community. Kim also reminded attendees of the opportunity to contribute to the Harry Hoffman Leadership Support Fund, an opportunity which you can also take on the HDC website.

HDC members were also among the award recipients celebrated for their great work as friends of housing. Both Beacon Development Group and Adrienne Quinn, Director of King County Department of Community and Human Services, were honored by the Commission. Our HDC hats are off to you!

Union Bank Leads the Way, Announcing a $7,500 Contribution to the Harry Hoffman Leadership Support Fund

Wrapping up the day at the Union Bank Reception, Bryan Friend announced that Union Bank would step up and honor the work of Harry Hoffman by contributing to the Harry Hoffman Leadership Support Fund with a contribution of $7,500.

Union Bank LogoWhat a way to top off a great conference; way to go Union Bank!