Welcome Joy Scott!

HDC is excited to announce that the South King Housing and Homelessness Partnership is up and running! The South King Housing and Homelessness Partnership (SKHHP) coordinates a network of SKC Stakeholders on issues related to affordable housing and homelessness. SKHHP, through engaging with allies in local government, housing, nonprofit providers, planning and development, faith communities, businesses, civic clubs, and others, works to mobilize community resources to address housing and homelessness needs in South King County.

Thanks to the support of our partners listed below, the Housing Development Consortium was able to hire Joy Scott in a full-time South King County Housing Planner position to support the work of SKHHP. Originally from Philadelphia, Joy worked in shelter and crisis settings across the US before coming to Seattle in 2008. She received her MSW focused on Community Centered Integrative Practice from the University of Washington in 2009, and worked with communities in Northeast Seattle for the following four years on issues impacting low income individuals and families. Most recently, Joy worked with Supportive Services programs at Solid Ground, focusing on tenant issues, foreclosure prevention, financial empowerment, and securing access to basic technology communications.

Joy started on January 13th, and is looking forward to diving in to this new role! She brings a passion for community building and collaborative work to address housing issues, particularly focusing on the intersection of housing and health. She will be working with SKC partners to identify and promote opportunities to implement the South King County Response to Homelessness, increase community resources to affordable housing and homelessness solutions, and support appropriate local solutions to affordable housing and other related needs.

If you’re interested in learning more about our work in South King County, or if you’re already engaged in these efforts and don’t hear from her, please reach out to Joy to set up a time to meet! Her position will be based in Renton, and you can reach her at [email protected]

This partnership and staff position was made possible with support from: the Cities of Auburn, Burien, Kent, Renton, SeaTac, and Tukwila, the King County Housing Authority, REACH, the Renton Housing Authority, Catholic Community Services, Valley Cities, the Multi-Service Center, Kent Youth and Family Services, the Seattle Foundation, United Way, All Home, the Gates Foundation, and King County.