2021 Legislative Advocacy

It’s been said before, but bears repeating – We’ve just witnessed a truly historical WA state Legislative Session. Watch our two recaps below to get a full review of the 2021 legislative session and next steps for 2022! 

Successes This Session:

HB 1083 – Passed!

Concerning relocation assistance to owners of manufactured homes when the community is closed.

ESHB 1368 – Passed!

$2.2 billion COVID-19 relief package

SHB 1070 – Passed!

Fixes HB 1590 and revises the Hotel Motel Lodging Tax income range to allow the use of revenue to include 0-30% AMI

HB 1220 – Passed!

Supports emergency shelters and housing through local planning and development regulations.

HB 1277, SB 5279 – Passed!

Provides an additional revenue source for eviction prevention and housing stability services. (Also known as the Document Recording Fee Bill)

SB 5287 – Passed!

Expands MFTE to all cities and urban growth areas within any county with a population of at least 2

million. Adds affordability requirements and modifies the income requirements for 8-year MFTE. Increases affordability requirements and modifies the income reqs for 12-year MFTE. Authorizes a 12-year extension of existing MFTEs that are set to expire. Establishes a new 20-year property tax exemption for the creation of permanently affordable homes

SB 5096 – Passed!

Capital gains tax of 9% on top of Federal Capital Gains Tax. Revenue will be added to the state general fund. 

Operating Budget – SB 5092, HB 1094 – Passed!

  • Rental Assistance
  • O&M for Permanent Supportive Housing
  • Housing and Essential Needs
  • Local Shelter Capacity Grants
  • Foreclosure Prevention


Bills that didn’t pass, but still have an opportunity next session:

HB 1128 

Supports housing benefit districts.

Healthy Homes & Clean Buildings – HB 1084SB 5093

Amends WA’s energy codes towards phasing out certain utilities for single family and multifamily homes. See FAQ for more info. 

SB 5138

Eliminates a business and occupation tax deduction for funding affordable housing.

SB 5043

Provides housing to school district employees. 

SB 5160

Provides tenant protections during/after public health emergencies, provides for legal representation in eviction cases, and authorizes landlord access to state rental assistance programs. 

SB 5211

Authorizing tax increment financing for local governments.



HDC 2021 State Legislative Agenda