Affordable Housing Week

Affordable Housing Week 2020 is Going Digital!

Since 2016, Affordable Housing Week (AHW) has been a time for housing advocates to gather, strategize, and re-energize over new ideas to address King County’s housing crisis. Despite all the challenges 2020 presented, especially when it comes to the events and programs we have grown to love, AHW is a force that cannot be stopped! The official dates for AHW 2020 are October 12 to 16.

So yes, AHW is going digital this year. What does this mean? What can you expect? The same spirit and energy of the AHW with online convenings, webinars, workshops, and even some games/challenges to bring folks into their community.

The theme for this AHW is “Know Your Zone.” This is an opportunity to tie lessons and challenges presented in the online events and apply it in learning about the housing policies in your backyard. We will be sharing a Know Your Zone scavenger hunt soon (and possibly some other zoning-related mini-games). In getting to “Know Your Zone,” participants will get to know the housing programs and policies impacting neighbors, businesses, and organizations in your community.

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