Affinity Groups

HDC Affinity Group tours a new building

HDC’s unique affinity groups enable members to work collaboratively on current issues, to develop policies, ideas and solutions that provide the entire sector with the tools it needs to maximize the development of affordable housing. These dynamic groups are open to all members and concentrate on specific issues.


HDC Affinity Group tours a new buildingHDC interest areas are less formal groups designed to address policies, incentives and/or funding issues that affect the affordable housing sector in specific geographic areas of King County and suggest HDC policy positions as appropriate.

HDC Members: Affinity Group Signup Form 2018 (PDF)

Meeting dates are posted on the Calendar.

Affinity Groups

Asset Management & Property Management (AM / PM)
Work to increase standards and improve internal systems for quality, cost effective & efficient long-term oversight of low income housing properties.

Affordable Homeownership
Addresses the challenges and opportunities for the various models providing opportunities for homeownership to low and moderate income citizens.

Affordable Senior Housing
Explore needs and opportunities related to the existing supply and growing demand for affordable senior housing and the interface with supportive services that serving this population requires.

Executive Director
Determined and led by member Executive Directors, meetings serve as a time to share programmatic, managerial, personnel, and/or professional development strategies.

Practical Development Solutions (PDS)
Share and exchange best practices in design and building; probe sector cost and quality concerns and consider possible resolution for various issues in policy, process and production; bring in outside experts on related topics; tour recently opened projects; conduct studies among HDC member organizations. PDS also presents “Biggest Bang for your Buck” annually at Housing Washington. You can view past presentations here:

2011 Biggest Bang for your Buck  I  2012 Biggest Bank for Your Buck

2013 Biggest Bang for your Buck  I  2014 Biggest Bang for your Buck

2015 Biggest Bang for you Buck    I  2017 Exemplary Building Presentation

Resident Services
Explore the relationship between resident services and asset management, and learn more about funding and the successful implementation of resident services programs.

Tax Credits / Bond Financing Programs
Work to develop and advocate for HDC positions on Low Income Housing Tax Credit and bond cap policies.

Interest Areas

South King County Developers Workgroup

North King County Housing and Homelessness Workgroup

Eastside Advocacy and Development

Seattle Advocacy and Development