Race, Equity and Inclusion

The Race, Equity, and Inclusion Initiative seeks to help HDC members apply a racial equity lens to their practices in order to achieve a more just, dignified, connected, and accommodating King County. 

Racial Equity Initiative Mission Statement


In 2013, the Housing Development Consortium (HDC) and its Resident Services Affinity Group, in collaboration with the City of Seattle Office for Civil Rights (SOCR), launched a project utilizing HUD FHAP Partnership Funds with a goal of providing HDC members with tools to counter racism within the affordable housing community. 

Since then, HDC has been engaged in an intentional effort to advance racial equity within the affordable housing sector of King County. We have started this process through educational and organizational development programming.

Housing Development Internship Program

We have created the Housing Development Internship Program to support the next generation of diverse affordable housing professionals. The affordable housing sector is a vibrant community of committed leaders and passionate professionals all committed to the HDC’s vision. This internship aims to expose driven and curious students looking to be a part of a mission-driven working community.

Nola Liu – 2019 HDIP Intern

Tom Nguyen – 2019 HDIP Intern









REI Learning Cohort

HDC developed the Racial Equity Learning Cohort, along with our Racial Equity Toolkit, to help member organizations be intentional in their work, as well as to ground organizations in foundational information on racial equity.

We have three goals in this endeavor:

  1. Support HDC members in completing the Racial Equity Toolkit, particularly the Organizational Assessment and Workplan.
  2. Support a cohort of 4-5 HDC members to participate in a learning community of peers.
  3. Work together to build organizational capacity, identify opportunities to leverage resources, and share best practices.

Recruiting Diversity Task Force

HDC’s Recruiting Diversity Task Force is charged with providing recommendations and making the connections necessary to ensure racial equity is a cornerstone of the organization’s vision. Within the broader goal of racial equity, the task force in its current state is focused on recruiting a diverse workforce in the affordable housing sector and ingraining the principles of racial equity into HDC’s member organizations to increase POC retention and mobility throughout the sector.

Promising Practices Profiles

Member organizations that have made great strides in implementing racial equity work can create a profile of a practice that has been successful within their organization. The goal is to help share knowledge and experience with others to build stronger, more sustainable affiliates, which will help to create stronger communities. If you would like to share a promising practice for racial equity with us, please fill out a Racial Equity Promising Practices Capture Form

Check out some of our member’s promising practices:

Additional REI resources can be found on our Member Portal

For more information, please contact:

Aselefech Evans
[email protected]