35th Anniversary Celebration

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our 35th Anniversary Celebration: Framing Our Future on March 30, 2023. We are tremendously proud of and humbled by the advances of our network. Our member organizations are stronger and more impactful than ever!

At HDC, we believe that large-scale social change—the kind needed to address our most urgent regional challenges—comes from effective sector-wide coordination. We know you see it too. It’s why you’re in this work with us—because we are stronger together. Each of us brings something to the table, whether it’s a fresh perspective, technical know-how, organizing skills, or deep community connections. We need that expertise if we’re going to build our affordable housing future. The evidence of this is all around us in the successful projects, policy wins, and innovative partnerships that our members have realized just in the last year.

That’s why we celebrated our 35th anniversary the best way we at HDC know how: by inviting our community together.

We can’t wait to see you at other events throughout the year, and for our next Annual Celebration in 2024!

Unable to join us?

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Many thanks to our sponsors for your support and dedication in our collective work!