Affordable Housing Toolkit

A Guide for Cities, Counties, and Advocates in Washington State

No single policy can address our region’s urgent housing needs. Fortunately, an array strategies exist for local leaders and jurisdictions ready to tackle the affordable housing crisis creatively and boldly. The Affordable Housing Toolkit presents 20 high-impact policy tools that local governments can use to bring more affordable housing to their community.

The toolkit is divided into four sections—Land Use, Financing, Anti-Displacement, and Regulatory Efficiencies—and each of the 20 policies includes considerations for jurisdictions alongside local examples and additional resources. The tools reinforce one another’s impact, and each can be viewed as an individual ingredient in a comprehensive affordable housing strategy.

The Affordable Housing Toolkit was developed through a partnership between the Housing Development Consortium of Seattle-King County and Urban Land Institute Northwest, and made possible with the generous support of our sponsor, Union Bank.

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