LDP 2014 Cohort enjoys the annual luncheon

The Housing Development Consortium provides a range of member services, bringing together all sector disciplines and professions to discuss, deliberate, and act to increase the quality of and availability of affordable housing.

HDC provides a forum for member organizations to share ideas, reflect on lessons learned, and explore opportunities to better serve the community. Each year, hundreds of HDC members participate in our menu of programs, events and affinity groups that are relevant to his/her/their organization, professional role or interests, and type of membership. It is our goal to offer contextual programming from a variety of perspectives that reaches a broad constituency of our membership. We are able to accomplish this through:

Our Events and Networking opportunities. For more information, please refer to our events calendar;

Our Affinity Groups that enable members to work collaboratively on a variety of issues, and to develop policies, ideas, and solutions to maximize development of affordable housing in the county;

Our Race, Equity, and Inclusion work provides HDC members with tools to counter racism within the affordable housing community.

Our Leadership Development Initiative (LDI) offers emerging leaders within HDC membership the tools they need to access both technical and professional management skills, and to understand the importance of leveraging partnerships across sectors. Effective leadership is critical to helping communities toward self-determination and HDC hopes to continue to build our capacity to spearhead this effort.

Our Sustainability Efforts, in partnership with regional organizations and initiatives, emphasize the life-cycle implications of reduced energy and water bills, and reduced exposure to toxins. HDC members are on the cutting edge, directly confronting the tension between balancing up front cost and creating durable homes as permanent affordable assets to our communities.