Affordable Housing Week

Thank you so much to everyone who joined us for the 9th Annual Affordable Housing Week! This incredible weeklong series of education and advocacy events works to highlight the role affordable housing plays in stabilizing our communities. Each year, HDC and our partners bring together elected officials, city/county staff, advocates and King County residents to create momentum for investments and policies to ensure affordable, thriving and equitable communities. Our 2024 theme was “Planning for an Affordable Future.”

Why Affordable Housing Week?

King County’s exacerbated need for affordable housing is a regional problem and impacts all municipalities. Through Affordable Housing Week, we hope to catalyze a transformative shift in land use planning for affordable housing across our region and urge cities across King County to adopt new and effective strategies that address our urgent affordable housing needs.

2024 Virtual Event Recordings

Miss out on attending a virtual Affordable Housing Week event? Check out the recordings below:

Zoom Password: q+47eDzi

Thanks again to all our attendees, participants, supporters, and friends who made it an unforgettable week!

Thanks to our sponsors for their support and dedication!