Harry Hoffman Leadership Support Fund

“Above all, for those of us who had the great fortune to know
and work with Harry, we can speak to his warmth and his
humility, his generosity and his humor. Plus one additional
quality — his relentless drive.”

Peter Masundire, Andrea Dwyer, and Thatcher Bailey
Crosscut, July 3, 2014

FHarry Hoffman at Housing & Homelessness Advocacy Dayormer HDC Executive Director, Harry Hoffman, passed away in June, 2014. Harry had quietly and valiantly staved off the challenge of cancer, all the while keeping up his relentless social justice and advocacy work, encouraging all of us at every meeting and fundraiser he could attend.  His passion and caring for individuals and the community were clear, and demonstrated the real values of a selfless man who understood the interdependence of us all.

In honor of his memory and his dedication to cultivating new leaders within this community, HDC has launched the Harry Hoffman Leadership Support Fund.  This Fund will provide grants to help individuals working in the King County affordable housing sector pursue professional leadership growth learning opportunities. At the launch of this fund HDC provided $7500.00. Board members, staff and HDC members have already contributed an additional $6150.00.  If you would like to join the growing number of those who have contributed to this fund, you may do so electronically on our donation page, or contact our office at (206) 682-9541.