Housing and Mental Health

In May 2019, HDC hosted a “Housing and Mental Health” summit. The goal of this work is to explore the intersection of housing and mental health, understand how housing is instrumental in treating mental illness, and how housing insecurity and quality impact mental health. The relationship is cyclical and one can not be addressed without considering the other. For the report out of the event, click here.

HDC believes its crucial to adequately train and support frontline staff who, on an every-day basis, trying to provide care and treatment to people in need in a State that drastically under funds both housing and mental health. We are lucky to have pioneers of the Housing First model in our region who have seen time and time again that providing stable and adequate housing lays the foundation for all other interventions to be successful.

Partners in this work:


Plymouth Housing

King County Department of Human Services

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Research and Resources:

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