Leadership Development Survey Course

HDC’s Leadership Development Survey Program is designed to provide participants with a broad overview of leadership principles and exposure to the many and varied roles of leaders in mission and value-driven organizations.

Applications for our 2017/2018 cohort are now available. Applications are due by September 18 and can be sent to Loren.

Please review our 2017-2018 program overview, which includes an overview of our course sessions, to make sure the program is right for you and your employer. Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact Loren Tierney, HDC’s Member Services Director, for more information about the application or program specifics. There is no fee to apply.

Goals of the Leadership Development Survey Program:

  1. Provide emerging leaders with a basic understanding of core competencies for leadership of the mission and values-driven organizations and businesses committed to affordable housing in King County
  2. Build connections and networks between participants and with experienced sector leaders
  3. Help with the retention of and  skills enhancement for exceptional staff in the local affordable housing sector
  4. Provide a deeper understanding of the diverse range of roles involved in affordable housing
  5. Foster diversity in the leadership of HDC membership organizations and businesses

The program brings in current leaders and outside experts to present on key topics.  Participants take an active role in their learning by working with presenters to plan each session.

Topics include:

  • Cultural Competency and Institutional Racism
  • Networking and Coalition Building
  • Policy and Advocacy
  • Affordable Housing Financing
  • Public Relations and Marketing
  • Board and Governance
  • Strategic Planning

Click on the picture above to download a .pdf file with more information. View the film created by the 2011 cohort documenting their experience in the LDP

HDC’s 2016-17 Leadership Development Survey Course is made possible through the generous support of:

Alumni Resources:

Survey Course alumni are encouraged to visit our Leadership Development Initiative page for more information on additional professional/personal development opportunities. Please contact Loren with any questions or to learn about potential scholarships and subsidies.