Day of Action for the Affordable Homes Act

Our housing crisis cannot be addressed without public investment in housing that is affordable to low-income households. The Affordable Homes Act would provide dedicated funding support for our neighbors who need it the most.

Here’s how you can take action today in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Find your legislative district.

If you don’t know what state legislative district you’re in, use the District Finder to find your district. Just enter your address and click “Find My District”.

Step 2: Call your legislator and leave a message.

We have targeted messages for some legislators. Click on the header below that applies to you to see instructions for your district.

Representative Amy Walen has previously voted “no” on the Affordable Homes Act. Call Rep. Walen at (360) 786-7848 and ask her to change her position. You can use this script:

“My name is __, and I live in the 48th Legislative District. Our community is in desperate need of affordable homes and I want you to support HB 1628. I am dismayed that you voted no on the bill in committee and I’m asking you to change your position.”

One or more of your legislators has not expressed a clear position on the Affordable Homes Act. Find the lawmaker or lawmakers in your district on the list below and call them with the following message:

“My name is __, and I live in the __ Legislative District. Our community is in desperate need of affordable housing and I need you to support HB 1628 and to do everything you can to make sure it is passed. Please let me know where you stand on this bill.”

Legislative DistrictLawmakerPhone Number
21stSen. Marko Liias(360) 786-7640
24thRep. Mike Chapman(360) 786-7916
27thRep. Laurie Jinkins(360) 786-7930
28thRep. Dan Bronoske(360) 786-7958
28thRep. Mari Leavitt(360) 786-7890
28thSen. T’wina Nobles(360) 786-7654
29thSen. Steve Conway(360) 786-7656
30thRep. Kristine Reeves(360) 786-7830
32ndSen. Jesse Saloman(360) 786-7662
33rdSen. Karen Keiser(360) 786-7664
34thSen. Joe Nguyen(360) 786-7667
41ndSen. Lisa Wellman(360) 786-7641
42ndRep. Alicia Rule(360) 786-7980
42ndRep. Joe Timmons(360) 786-7854
46thSen. Javier Valdez(360) 786-7690
47thRep. Chris Stearns(360) 786-7858
47thSen. Claudia Kauffman(360) 786-7692
49thSen. Annette Cleveland (360) 786-7696

Call the Legislative Hotline: 1-800-562-6000. Leave a message for all of your lawmakers and the Governor using this script:

“My name is __, and I live in the __ Legislative District. This was supposed to be the year for housing, yet no bill has passed that will help solve our affordable housing crisis for the lowest income people in Washington. Please change that by making sure HB 1628 is passed.”

Note: When you call the 1-800 line you should be asked if you want to leave the message for all of your lawmakers (SAY YES) & ask to leave your message for the Governor, too!

Step 3: Send an email

We’ve made it very easy to send an email to your legislators with our email action form. Follow the link below, enter your information, then click the “Take Action” button at the bottom.

Email legislators!