Mailing and Physical Address:

Housing Development Consortium of Seattle-King County
1326 Fifth Avenue, Suite 230
Seattle, WA 98101
Telephone: 206.682.9541
Fax: 206.623.4669

Staff Directory:

Nathan Antonio, Administrative Coordinator
[email protected]
Direct 206.636.1004

Dan Cantrell, Operations Manager
[email protected]
Direct 206.636.1003

Marty Kooistra, Executive Director
[email protected]
Direct 206.636.1006

Patience Malaba, Policy Manager
[email protected]
Direct 206.636.1009

Emma Scalzo, Outreach and Communications Manager
[email protected]
Direct 206.636.1008

Loren Tierney, Member Services Director
[email protected]
Direct 206.636.1007

Mallory Van Abbema, Advocacy and Policy Manager
[email protected]
Direct 206.636.1253

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