Advocate Registration Drive

Are you willing to ask your city and county to take action and play a role in creating affordable homes? Sign up to advocate and we’ll let you know when there are opportunities in your area to send an email, attend a Council meeting, sign a petition, attend community meetings, and make your voice heard in support of homes for all!

Making your voice heard doesn’t begin and end in Olympia or Washington, D.C.

There are lots of opportunities to advocate for affordable homes in your own city. As we face the enormity of the affordable housing crisis, we know that all of us and all levels of government have a role to play in finding solutions.

But given the size of the problem, what can counties and cities really do to make a difference when it comes to affordable homes? Because of the work of dedicated advocates, King County and its cities have recently:

  • Passed ordinances prohibiting discrimination against tenants who use Section 8 vouchers and other sources of payment
  • Required that market-rate developers either include affordable homes in their buildings or pay a fee to help nonprofits build affordable homes
  • Allocated money from their own budgets toward creating affordable homes
  • Offered city-owned land to nonprofits to build affordable homes
  • Created programs that require rental units to be inspected to make sure they are healthy and safe
  • Passed voter-approved levies to pay for the construction of affordable homes and services for residents

As part of Affordable Housing Week 2017, HDC is offering support to organizations that wish to sign up their staff, board members, volunteers, and/or residents to receive advocacy alerts. If your organization would like to hold an event to sign people up, HDC will provide a $40 gift card to cover food and beverages. Advocates can use the online form or you can feel free to download a hard copy sign-up sheet here.