HDC Member Highlight: Tiscareno

Tiscareno is a mid-sized architecture firm with highly skilled and approachable professionals who create exceptional spaces where people want to work, live, and gather. Through a deep dedication to collaboration and affordability, Tiscareno produces beautiful, functional results that enrich communities for generations. Among their portfolio of work is a large mixed-use affordable housing project, Solera, developed by DevCo. Solera is a 590-unit project in Renton featuring 30,000 square feet of commercial space, an indoor basketball court, and work-from-home space.

Designing architecture that stands the test of time for clients and communities takes authenticity and accountability for work, ingenious solutions that lead to unexpected value, a commitment to sustainability in all its forms, and considerable teamwork and alignment with the community. These are integrated into Tiscareno as working principles that every client can count on, no matter how large or small. Tiscareno is proud to be a certified diversity supplier – minority-owned and locally run.

For Tiscareno, Housing Development Consortium membership keeps them up to date on what’s developing in affordable housing, from physical projects to what legislative changes are in the works. This information enables them to stay on top of current design and building trends and to better advise their clients on projects. Membership also allows Tiscareno to attend affordable housing-focused events where they can meet and learn from others working towards providing more affordable housing.

You can learn about some of Tiscareno’s approaches to affordable multifamily design on their blog.