Take Action for Housing Affordability in Algona

Action Items for Algona Advocates:

Local governments know their local affordable housing needs. HB 1797 gives them more ways to meet them.

HB 1797 is our best chance this session to ensure local governments can fund the affordable housing development and preservation that their communities need.

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What’s HB 1797?

This bill, sponsored by Rep. McBride (D-48), would help city and county governments support development and preservation of affordable homes in their own communities. If enacted, it would give local governments the ability to implement a 0.1% sales tax for affordable housing, give them the flexibility to use REET dollars for affordable housing, and the the ability to get a one-time reimbursement from the state for their investments in affordable housing.

We can pass HB 1797 this year if we let our lawmakers, friends, and neighbors know about it!

Take action with us

We’ve got four ways you can support HB 1797, and we’ll share a new one each week along with an update on the bill’s progress. Here we go!

Week 1: Email your lawmakers!

Let your lawmakers in Olympia know you want them to support HB 1797. Punch in your address, and you can send a message to your lawmakers urging their support or thanking them for their sponsorship of the bill. We bet you can do it in under a minute.

Happy advocating!

-HDC Policy & Advocacy Team

Housing Gaps in Algona

To meet the county-wide proportional need for affordable homes in 2030, Algona needs:

  • 138 homes affordable to households with incomes between 0-30% of Area Median Income (AMI)




Click the image for the full, two-page infographic.

Health & Housing in Algona

About 5 in 10 households in Algona are housing cost-burdened

47% of Algona households have a risk of lead exposure

Click the image for the full, two-page infographic.