Eastside Advocates Urge Tripling of the ARCH Eastside Housing Trust Fund

When the eastside cities created the ARCH Eastside Housing Trust Fund, they did so with the goal of working collaboratively in order to ensure that their communities would be places where seniors, people with special needs, and families of all incomes could live affordably. This vision resulted in a unique partnership which over the last 25 years has created thousands of affordable homes- homes that otherwise would not exist.

However, in order to respond to the vastly increased need for affordable homes in our region, eastside nonprofits, services providers, and advocates are urging a tripling of the Eastside Housing Trust Fund for the 2017-2018 budget cycle.

We have submitted letters to the ARCH executive board and to each of the ARCH member cities. Now we’re preparing to provide testimony at the cities’ budget hearings. Will you join us? 

Check out our calendar below to see when your city will be discussing its budget and email Nicki Olivier Hellenkamp at [email protected] to let us know which hearings you plan to attend. We’ve prepared talking points to make testimony easier and you can find additional resources about ARCH and the Eastside Housing Trust Fund below.



Budget hearing dates, times, and locations are displayed below. The list is continuously being updated as cities solidify their budget hearing calendars.

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October 2016 ARCH Member City Budget Hearings

November ARCH City Budget Meeting Calendar