Fare Share Seattle

On September 19, Mayor Durkan introduced the Fare Share Plan to make major investments in affordable housing near transit, in transportation projects, and in worker protections by adding a modest fee to ride-hailing services.

As the City of Seattle continues to grow, our affordable housing production and investments in transportation need to keep up. We must use every tool in our toolbox to meet the most pressing need within our communities.

That’s why HDC, along with our transportation and labor partners Transportation Choices Coalition, MLK Labor, and Teamsters 117 supports the Fare Share plan to invest in workers, transportation, and housing near transit.

How you can Advocate

What you’re advocating for

HDC is urging our members and partners to advocate and support a plan that will:

  • Create fair wages and worker protections for TNC drivers. Uber and Lyft drivers will be paid a fair wage plus benefits and expenses by July 2020. An independent study will determine a fair compensation rate and engage with drivers to make sure the proposal serves the needs of the community.
  • Invest in Seattle’s housing and transportation system. A modest fee of $0.51 on TNC rides will support $52 million of investments over five years to fund the development of affordable housing near transit. Housing built from these funds will focus on people making between $15 and $25 per hour. Another $56 million will fully fund completing the Center City Connector Streetcar project. After 2025, the revenue will go towards transit, walking, and biking safety projects throughout Seattle.
  • Establish a Driver Resolution Center. The $0.51 fee will also establish a Driver Resolution Center, which helps drivers resolve disputes regarding unwarranted deactivation and provide drivers’ rights education services.

We are looking forward to working with partners and Seattle City Council to get this legislation across the finish line and ensure that everyone in Seattle has access to opportunities to live a healthy life – a good job, affordable housing near transit, and high-quality transit.

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