Healthy Housing Initiative

Housing Development Consortium of Seattle-King County,Toxic-Free Future and Public Health Seattle & King County have partnered to lead the Healthy Housing Stakeholder series.

In response to community requests and building on work previously done, on lead awareness in King County, this partnership is focused on developing two stakeholder tables – on the topic of health and housing as it intersects with lead poisoning and other housing conditions that impact people’s health. The goal is to build better relationships between housing providers (landlords, property managers, etc.) and the community to collectively address the issues of lead (Pb) in housing, and other housing conditions. This is a first-in-the-nation convening model.

Five sessions will bring together stakeholders from across the health and housing sectors. Community members and housing providers will be in separate meeting spaces for the first three sessions. The two separate groups will meet for the fourth and fifth sessions for collaborative brainstorming. Throughout these convenings, we will share important data about housing and offer training that will support each group. Both groups will also have an opportunity to inform local and regional strategies that they recommend for proactive policy decisions at regional and local levels. Partners will work with the groups to develop a white paper on various healthy housing strategies that address lead and other health housing issues.

The convening will culminate in a two-day Housing and Health Conference in August or September 2020 and its contents will be informed by the stakeholder strategies. The Conference will bring national speakers from organizations like the Center for Diseases Control (CDC), National Center for Healthy Housing (NCHH), healthcare professionals, housing providers/landlords, and community members.

We are excited to lead this collaboration and set the stage for future work around achieving healthy housing in our region!

Healthy Housing Stakeholder Convenings:

WSHFC 1000 2nd Avenue, 28th Floor Training Room (unless otherwise noted)
Staff Contact: Patience Malaba, Policy Manager


February 5 – 2 – 5 pm
First Convening Project Introduction

February 26 – 9 am – 12 pm
Second Convening for Housing Providers

March 12 – 2 – 5 pm
Third Housing for Housing Providers

April 19 –  3 – 7 pm
(Due to COVID concerns, reach out to Patience for information about this meeting)
Combined Housing Provider & Community Stakeholder Convening

May 24 – 3 – 7 pm
(New Location)
Combined Housing Provider & Community Stakeholder Convening

August 2020
Housing & Health Conference