Housing and Education Project


HDC’s Housing and Education Project (HEP) exploration phase was initiated by HDC in 2016, with support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and resulted in a final Report Out. The desired outcome of this exploration phase was to identify and present the realistic potential (readiness) for implementing a regionalized model(s) that supports housing providers in meeting the educational needs of children and youth living in housing they own and manage, specifically from a nonprofit housing providers’ perspective.

Designated representatives from six nonprofit housing provider organizations were convened to explore the challenges and opportunities associated with making impactful connections between where children live and where they learn. Since June 2016, HEP participants met nine times as a larger group and created and approved a set of guiding principles for our work ahead, as outlined in our full HEP Report.

More information on our upcoming Housing and Out of School Time (OST) partnership network will be available shortly.