National Campaigns

We are proud to support the work of our national-level sister organizations and encourage you to join in their campaigns for safe, healthy, affordable homes everywhere in the US.


Join the United For Homes Campaign
Proposes changes to the mortgage interest deduction and the expansion of investments in affordable housing to close the gap between supply and demand for homes affordable to households with low incomes. Join the campaign.

Join the Make Room Campaign
Make Room is a campaign to demonstrate the human suffering and societal costs of the rental housing crisis and advocate for bold solutions to end housing insecurity. It provides a platform for renters to tell their stories of housing insecurity to their elected officials. Join the campaign.



Join the Home Matters Campaign

A coalition of over 350 organizations from across sectors working to increase housing quality, decrease homelessness, increase affordable rentals, and increase homeownership. Join the campaign.



Email Your Members of Congress to Urge Them to Protect Vital Housing Programs from Drastic Budget Cuts

Campaign for Housing and Community Development Funding
Federal affordable housing programs have a proven track record of lifting millions of families out of poverty and reducing homelessness. However, instead of increasing investments, Congress is poised to pass deep spending cuts that will have significant local consequences.  Families in our communities cannot afford further cuts to housing programs. Sign the petition to urge your members of Congress to support safe, healthy, affordable homes for everyone.

Call Your Representative and Ask Them to Cosponsor HR 948, the Common Sense Housing Investment Act

National Low Income Housing Coalition
The Common Sense Housing Investment Act seeks to make the tax code fairer for more families, reduce income inequality and racial inequity, and end homelessness and housing poverty once and for all. The Act calls for modest reforms to the mortgage interest rate deduction, a $70 billion tax write-off that largely benefits America’s highest-income households and reinvests the significant savings into providing affordable housing for people with the greatest needs. Call your representative.
Tell Congress to Protect and Expand the National Housing Trust Fund (Organizational sign-ons only)

National Low Income Housing Coalition
The Housing Trust Fund affords states flexibility to address their most pressing housing needs, with most states opting to build and preserve affordable rental homes for people with extremely low incomes. Currently there are just 35 affordable rental homes available for every 100 households with extremely low income. This means it is time for more investment in the Housing Trust Fund, not less. Urge your members of Congress to protect the Housing Trust Fund.