Non-profit housing developers and low-income housing coalition

Non-profit housing developers and the low-income housing coalition are meant to strengthen and support the ability of the community to develop organizations in order to improve the quality of life in neighborhoods. The bottom line for non-profit housing developers is to build affordable housing for individuals under-served by the private market, basically low to middle wage earning people. That’s why the overall mission is to provide for the needy, the elderly, working households, and others that the United States’ housing market does not adequately serve.

The low-income housing coalition, as well as the non-profit housing developers are dedicated to achieving socially just public policies that assures the lowest income people in the United States have affordable and decent homes. Educating, organizing and advocating to ensure decent and affordable housing for everyone is a top priority, but both organizations have goals. First on the list is preserving existing federally assisted homes and housing resources, then expanding on the low income housing that already exists, but establishing housing stability as the primary purpose of the federal low income housing policy is one of the biggest priorities for the low-income housing coalition.

Working with non-profits may seem risky, but non-profit housing developers are in this fight for a good reason. For-profit entities operate to produce returns for their owners or shareholders, and to create affordable housing that maximizes profit. Non-profits, however, aim to serve the most vulnerable populations; low income people. Non-profit housing developers acquire and rehabilitate old, or develop new, housing that would be too expensive for a for-profit organization to use.

But what does the non-profit housing developers and low-income housing coalition have to do with the Housing Development Consortium? Quite a lot, actually. Both non-profit housing developers and low-income housing coalition want to foster just and equitable community development solutions that address the needs and aspirations of low and moderate income residents. The Housing Development Consortium wants to bring these groups of people together to make a difference in the lives of the people in communities that could benefit from their help. Their goal is to spread the influence of both non-profit housing developers and the low-income housing coalition to Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Sammamish, and many more cities that could benefit from their help. A community is strongest when its people come together to help make the community great, which is exactly what the Housing Development Consortium is here for. Flourishing cities just like Seattle will greatly benefit from these organizations working together, but a brighter future can only occur with the help of the Housing Development Consortium’s influential power to bring like-minded organizations together for the purpose of collaborating to make a difference.