Advocacy & Policy

Our goal is to increase the production of affordable housing in King County through favorable public policy, increased resources, greater sector efficiency, and broad alliances committed to social equity within sustainable communities.

HDC works closely with government, housing providers, equity advocates, businesses, and community coalitions to implement public policies that create safe, healthy, affordable homes throughout King County.

Eager to take action with HDC? Review our Policy Priorities for 2021 to better understand how you or your organization can join participate in our upcoming advocacy opportunities. Together, as an association and movement we can share our collective voice.

2021 Advocacy Agenda

2021 State Legislative Agenda

Key Policy Partners:

South King County Housing & Homelessness Partnership

A coalition formed between South King County jurisdictions to work together and share resources in order to effectively address affordable housing and homelessness.

A Regional Coalition for Housing (ARCH) 

King County cities focused on both preserving and increasing the supply of housing for low and moderate income households in the Seattle area.