Our goal is to increase the production of affordable housing in King County through favorable public policy, increased resources, greater sector efficiency, and broad alliances committed to social equity within sustainable communities.

HDC works closely with government, housing providers, equity advocates, businesses, and community coalitions to implement public policies that create safe, healthy, affordable homes throughout King County.

Our 2020 Advocacy Priorities

Our 2020 Statewide Priorities

Check out the 2019 state legislative achievements, here!

In 2018, HDC’s staff, board, members and advocates stood up to advocate for affordable homes, equitable communities, and an end to homelessness. Together, we:

Fund Affordable Homes

  • Mobilized over 700 advocates who took over 1,000 advocacy actions to secure a $165 million increase in funding for affordable housing near transit from Lodging Tax revenue.
    • Over 80 members signed onto HDC’s advocacy letter
  • HDC as a part of Seattle for Everyone turned out hundreds of folks in every Seattle district to attend the public meetings and public hearing on Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA). The Hearing Examiner gave the greenlight to the program in November 2018 which proceeded additional meetings in 2019 where over 300 advocates took action. Seattle City Council adopted it on March 18, 2019. MHA will allow for 6,300 additional affordable homes in Seattle over the next decade.
  • HDC submitted letters to all ARCH member cities to increase their funding allocation to the Eastside Housing Trust Fund.
    • HDC staff and members testified at over a half dozen city council meetings
  • HDC as a part of the Community Package Coalition ensured $39.3 million for housing through the WA State Convention Center deal.
  • Advocated and submitted a comment letter on Issaquah’s inclusionary zoning program.
  • Advocated alongside the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance to secure $107 million in the Housing Trust Fund, pass HB 1570 which will help an additional 11,500 people at risk of homelessness access housing assistance and services
  • Convened members to meet with King County Councilmembers and staff to discuss how to decrease the burden of Sewer Capacity Charges on affordable housing developments.


Build and Maintain Inclusive Communities

  • Alongside advocacy groups like Tech 4 Housing and Share the Cities, HDC mobilized hundreds of people to take action on the Fort Lawton Redevelopment Plan which will allow 237 affordable homes to built on the surplus land of a former military site.
    • Actions included: sending comment letters to the Office of Housing, testifying at multiple public hearings. City Council hearings will take place in Spring 2019.
  • Alongside Seattle King County Coalition on Homelessness and members such as DESC and Plymouth, HDC advocated for a 2% wage increase for frontline staff.
  • Worked alongside organizations like Futurewise and Seattle City Council on Surplus Land Disposition to ensure underutilized land is being used for affordable housing. At the state level, worked to pass HB 2382 promoting the use of surplus public property for affordable homes in partnership with Enterprise Community Partners.
  • Advocated for minimum parking reform, to ensure that the expense of parking doesn’t impede development of affordable homes.
  • Worked alongside Capitol Hill Housing on their Orca Lift Pass pilot program, to alleviate the second highest cost burden on low-income individuals, transportation.
  • Provided comment on Seattle’s Racial Equity Toolkit that will examine what an equitable growth strategy will look like.
  • Mobilized our members and wrote a comment letter on the Community Reinvestment Act to ensure that its regulations maintain a strong force for equity.
  • Advocated alongside the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance to ban Source of Income Discrimination and expand the Housing and Essential Need Program both of which secured positive outcomes!

Improve Health of Housing

  • Alongside the Somali Youth and Family Club and Coalition for Refugees from Burma, HDC hosted listening sessions to educate Renton advocates on healthy housing in order to take action on Renton’s Rental Licensing and Inspection Program which passed in early 2019.
  • Worked with advocates and city officials to pass the Kent Rental Licensing and Inspection Program which is a proactive measure to protect tenants from living in poor conditions or retaliation for reporting them.

Support Housing Strategy Plans Throughout King County

  • HDC helped in the formation of the Regional Affordable Housing Task Force Recommendations and continues to work with cities on implementing the 86 recommendations that aim to meet the need in King County for 156,000 affordable homes right now.
  • Conducted dozens of presentations throughout the County on Affordable Housing 101 to emphasize the need for more affordable housing and give them policy toolkits.
  • Hosted an Affordable Housing Electeds Tour to show elected officials from almost a dozen municipalities what affordable housing actually looks like in their communities.
  • Held 3 convenings for Elected Officials on the South King Housing and Homelessness Partners which now has a finalized inter-local agreement with 9 cities and King County signed on.
  • Submitted comment letters in support of the bold elements of Sammamish’s Housing Strategy Plan.

Take Action
What you can do right now for affordable housing in your city


South King County Housing & Homelessness Partnership
A coalition formed between South King County jurisdictions to work together and share resources in order to effectively address affordable housing and homelessness.

A Regional Coalition for Housing (ARCH) & Homelessness Partnership
King County cities focused on both preserving and increasing the supply of housing for low and moderate income households in the Seattle area.