South King Housing and Homelessness Partners

Context: The Suburbanization of Poverty

  • Nowhere is suburbanization of poverty more evident than in South King County, where affordable housing has drawn immigrants and refugees as well as low-income families forced from Seattle by skyrocketing housing costs.
  • Using the federal benchmark for poverty, which for a family of four in 2010 was an annual income of $22,300, Brookings researchers found that two out of three Seattle-metro-area residents who were at or below the poverty line were living in the suburbs.
    (“Confronting Suburban Poverty in America” by Alan Berube and Elizabeth Kneebone)


SKHHP is committed to supporting the preservation of healthy and affordable housing in order to sustain vibrant and diverse communities. SKHHP supports the SKC Response to Homelessness, and aims to help South King County achieve the strategies identified in the plan through assisting its members with coordination and partnership development, technical support, and sharing of promising practices, emerging trends, and their potential for local impact.



SKHHP’s Role

SKHHP supports the groups that have been meeting in SKC to share perspectives on these issues, including the Homelessness Action Committee (HAC) and the SKC Joint Planners and Developers workgroup. SKHHP aims to: regularly convene, organize, and expand the network of stakeholders working to end homelessness and address affordable housing needs in SKC; improve the alignment of county and state affordable housing and homelessness interventions and funding opportunities with SKC interests; provide technical assistance to support the implementation of comprehensive plan policies; improve SKC stakeholders’ understanding of promising practices and their potential for local impact; and determine and implement strategies that achieve program sustainability.

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SKHHP engages in the work of ending homelessness in South King County through the support of the following partners:

King County, Auburn, Burien, Covington, Des Moines, Federal Way, Kent, Normandy Park, Renton, Tukwila,