South King Housing and Homelessness Partnership


Started in 2015, The South King Housing and Homelessness Partnership (SKHHP) brings together a network of South King County stakeholders on issues related to affordable housing and homelessness. SKHHP works with cities, nonprofits, developers, faith communities, businesses, civic clubs, and others to mobilize community resources to address housing and homelessness needs in South King County.

SKHHP is committed to supporting the preservation of healthy and affordable housing in order to sustain vibrant and diverse communities. SKHHP supports the SKC Response to Homelessness, and aims to help South King County achieve the strategies identified in the plan through assisting its members with coordination and partnership development, technical support, and sharing of promising practices, emerging trends, and their potential for local impact.

Workgroups of SKHHP have been meeting to identify opportunities and priorities for action in 2016 that would address issues of affordable housing and homelessness. More information on those goals can be found here.

Get Involved

SKHHP is looking to actively engage with anyone who shares these interests in South King County. Contact Joy Scott at [email protected] to find out more about the monthly meetings, and sign up for newsletter updates here.


SKHHP engages in the work of ending homelessness in South King County through the support of the following partners: