Top Things to Know about Housing and Health Care Reform

Most of you have been receiving an endless supply of emails on the latest health care reform news.  For those of you that feel out of the loop, or for those of you overwhelmed with the plethora of information out there, here’s our list of top things to know:

1.  Health care reform will soon help stabilize lives and improve access to health care coverage. Beginning October 1, 2013, Individuals and families can enroll for coverage through Medicaid or the new health care exchange, with coverage starting January 1, 2014.  King County estimates 80,000 adult residents will become eligible for Medicaid (up to 130% of the federal poverty limit), and 100,000 adult residents will be eligible for subsidies for insurance purchased through the health care exchange.  To sign up, go to Washington Health Plan Finder.

2.  With 210,000 uninsured adults in King County, it will take all of us working together to make sure everyone can access their new health insurance options.  King County is training In-Person Assisters to help homeless and low-income individuals enroll for coverage.  Register to become an In-Person Assister here and check out Public Health’s enrollment event calendar for enrollment events in your community.

3.  Our partners at the Washington State Low Income Housing Alliance want to know if you’re experiencing barriers to enrollment.  Check out their Health Care Reform website for informative webinars and for ways you can tell your story.

4.  We already know permanent supportive housing saves taxpayers money, but by integrating supportive housing and Medicaid, the state could save another $1.2 million!  Check out the plan for integrating these two systems here and then check out the “Business Case for a Supportive Housing Services Benefit” from our friends at the Corporation for Supportive Housing.

5.  While many of the benefits of the Affordable Care Act are still to come, young people have already seen an impressive jump in health care coverage.  Young women (age 18-24) are now 10% less likely to be uninsured, and the likelihood for young men to be uninsured has dropped 16%. Share the great news with this infographic from our friends at the Washington Budget & Policy Center.

6.  Like HDC, Health Reform is Social.  Stay up-to-date on Twitter with #coverkc  #coverageishere @waplanfinder  @coverageishere @kcpubhealth or on the Facebook pages of WA Health Plan Finder, Coverage is Here and KC Public Health.

7.  New information is always coming.  Check out Cover King County to stay up-to-date with Public Health – Seattle & King County’s latest news on health care reform.

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