Take Action for Housing Affordability in Tukwila

Action Items for Tukwila Advocates:

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Housing Gaps in Tukwila

To meet the county-wide proportional need for affordable homes in 2030, Tukwila needs:

  • 1,276 homes affordable to households with incomes between 0-30% of Area Median Income (AMI)


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Health & Housing in Tukwila

More than 4 in 10 households in Tukwila are housing cost-burdened

66% of Tukwila households have a risk of lead exposure

699 SeaTac households are over-crowded

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Tukwila’s Housing Snapshot:

Tukwila’s housing profile and policy commitments from Under One Roof: City Level Affordable Housing Commitments & Actions

HDC thanks Evans School graduates Alexander Casey, Alena Marshak, Rose Rubel, and Xinwei Wang for their dedication and the thorough research that went into this project.

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