Local & State Campaigns


Vets, Seniors, and Human Services Levy (King County)

This November King County voters will vote on renewing an expanded version of the Vets & Human Services levy, which has funded critical housing and human services for over a decade. More than 2,000 affordable homes have been built and thousands of people have exited homelessness thanks to levy dollars.

Source of Income Discrimination

Source of Income Discrimination (SOID) drives homelessness in King County when people lose or are denied access to housing because they use a government administered funds, like Section 8 vouchers, to pay their rent. HDC believes that private sector plays an important role in meeting our affordable housing needs and helps cities provide SOID protections for their residents.

Eastside Housing Trust Fund

15 cities and King County contribute to the Eastside Housing Trust fund, which has contributed to the development of more than 3,000 affordable homes on the east side. HDC works to maximize contributions to the fund which leverages $9 of outside contributions for every $1 cities add.

Inclusionary Zoning

Inclusionary zoning is a flexible strategy with a proven track record of helping moderate and low-income households live affordably in the cities where they work rather than endure long, expensive, and polluting commutes that place them far from family and community for too much of the day.

Comprehensive Plan Updates

HDC works with cities as they create housing strategy plans, update their comprehensive plans, and work to implement, monitor, and evolve their housing policies and programs.


Washington State Housing Trust Fund
The Housing Trust Fund is a powerful driver of economic development which provides homes and supports weatherization and home repair work for low- and moderate- income households across the state.

All In for Washington
A statewide effort to clean up Washington state’s tax code so that all communities can thrive.