Housing Development Internship Program

The Housing Development Consortium of Seattle-King County and its Recruiting Diversity Task Force (RDTF) have created the Housing Development Internship Program to support the next generation of diverse affordable housing professionals. The affordable housing sector is a vibrant community of committed leaders and passionate professionals all committed to the shared vision that all people living with dignity in safe, healthy, and affordable homes with communities of opportunity. This internship aims to expose driven and curious students looking to be a part of a mission-driven working community.


  • Learn and participate in affordable housing development topics including: land and property acquisition, community outreach process and facilitation, construction, financial applications and loans, planning meetings about design process, and conducting needs assessment surveys for communities. Interns will learn hands-on what it takes to see an affordable housing project through from inception to construction.
  • Create connections between aspiring housing professionals and leaders in the community. Through attending HDC events and other training and learning opportunities as well as coffee-chats with host agency staff, interns will be able to create a network of professional contacts and mentors.
  • Encourage a diverse pool of young people to pursue careers in the affordable housing sector!

How it Works:

The Housing Development Internship Program is a 9-month paid internship experienced designed to recruit, train, and retain racially and socio-economically diverse students who may not otherwise know about or be able to engage with the opportunities of the affordable housing sector.

The program will consist of three pillars to form the foundation of a successful internship experience. The first is the intern, the second is Program Administrator (HDC), and the third is the Host Agency (the Organization where interns are placed).

As the Program Administrator of the internship program, HDC will agree to sponsor the intern, as part of the program cohort, and coordinate additional trainings and supplemental program activities.

The Host Agency is a nonprofit or governmental agency where each intern carries out his/her day-to-day work.

Interns are selected via a competitive application process from across the area (meaning not all applicants are accepted to this program), and are matched with a host agency based on a variety of factors, including desired areas of focus, geographic location, etc. The intern will be supervised by a designated staff person at the host agency, who will work closely with the intern and also serve as a mentor. Interns will learn not only the how-to’s of project management, but also about the affordable housing and community development field. Interns and host agencies sign agreements with HDC to ensure understanding of the program terms and policies, and to ensure an optimal experience for the Intern and the Host Agency.

Who Should Apply: 

This internship aims to provide a launch pad for college and graduate students from communities of color backgrounds into a career in affordable housing development/project management. We strongly encourage applications from students entering their last year of under-graduate or last year of graduate school, who are studying urban planning, design, community development, and/or related subject matter. Students with bilingual/bicultural backgrounds are also encouraged to apply.

Priority is given to students enrolled in the Fall 2019 academic quarter (2019-2020), and who are entering their last year of undergraduate or graduate studies. Successful interns will need to have good college-level writing skills and be familiar with spreadsheets (i.e. Microsoft Excel). Students who have a background, or are majoring in the following, are strongly encouraged to apply as these skills will be essential to success in this program: Real Estate Development, Urban Planning, Construction Management, and/or related.

Click here for the application. Reach out to Aselefech with any questions.

Applications Due July 12