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Working together, HDC advocates have ensured that affordable housing is a priority for cities in King County. We’ve helped secure funding for thousands of affordable homes, tenant protections for many of our most vulnerable neighbors, and helped cities implement policies to keep their communities healthy and inclusive.

Through continued advocacy, we can ensure that everyone in King County has a safe, healthy, and affordable place to call home.

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Sign letter to support study of new housing types in Seattle!

There is a significant need for more housing options in Seattle. City Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda is sponsoring a budget action that would require the City to produce an Environmental Impact Statement studying land use in our city. This is one step towards creating more tools to address the city’s housing crisis.

More specifically, the study would examine additional housing capacity and diversity—including duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, and row homes—in areas currently zoned exclusively for single-family houses. In doing so, the study will provide strategies to minimize the displacement of low-income residents and communities of color.

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Support Seattle’s Fare Share Plan that invests in housing, transit and workers!

The recently introduced Fare Share Plan makes major investments in affordable housing near transit, in transportation projects, and in worker protections by adding a modest fee to ride-hailing services. Our advocacy and mobilization can elevate this proposal and make a huge impact in ensuring everyone has access to opportunities to live a healthy life, with a good job and liveable wage, affordable housing near transit, and high-quality transit.

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Support the implementation of a new funding source for affordable housing!

This past legislative session our legislators gave us another tool to locally address our housing crises. Passing HB 1406 at the state level was just the first step, now it’s time to engage at the city and county level to implement this significant tool! Learn more about the campaign here.

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Implement the Regional Affordable Housing Task Force Recommendations

King County’s Regional Affordable Housing Task Force issued 86 recommendations to help our county get where we need to be which is developing 44,000 affordable units ever 5 years to meet our current and growing need. We need you to urge your city leadership to use those recommendations in the creation of their housing strategy plans and their housing elements of their comprehensive plans. Our affordability crisis doesn’t stop at city limits, so we must encourage our elected leaders to be bold and collaborative in how they address it.

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What is on the horizon:

Mutli-Family Tax Exemption renewals in Seattle and in many cities on the Eastside

Rental Licensing and Inspection Program in Federal Way


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