Introducing All Home

Written by Erin Murphy, HDC Communications Manager

We are very excited to share the announcement below regarding the Committee to End Homelessness re-branding as All Home as of today. HDC has participated in this re-naming and re-branding process and fully supports this change. While the name and look of an organization or group is not necessarily more important than the impact of their work, a name/logo/website etc. still go a long way in reflecting the desired impact and the perception of the organization. For this reason, HDC is completely behind All Home as they strive to build an inclusive movement in order to achieve their plan to address homelessness in King County.

The news below comes directly from our partners at the Committee to End Homelessness, now All Home.


Committee to End Homelessness Changes Its Name to All Home as It Launches Four-Year Strategic Plan to Make Homelessness Rare, Brief and One-Time

all home


The Committee to End Homelessness, is re-launching with a new name – All Home – as it begins implementing a new four-year plan to address homelessness in King County. The new name is intended to emphasize that it takes a community-wide effort to tackle the problem of homelessness, and that if we unify behind the proven strategies outlined in All Home’s strategic plan, all people can have a home.  All Home also has a new website aimed at providing easy, accessible ways to get involved and join the fight to end homelessness in King County. Please visit to learn more about the strategic plan and find ways to get involved in your community.

All Home has also selected a new 28 member Coordinating Board committed to making homelessness in King County rare, brief, and a one-time occurrence. The Inaugural Coordinating Board Meeting will take place at South Seattle Community College Georgetown Campus on October 7th from 2:00 – 4:00 pm. In addition, a pre-meeting will be held at 12:00 pm to solicit input on Board meeting agenda items, from people experiencing homelessness. All are invited to attend and observe both the pre-meeting and the board meeting.