October 2017

Housing Developments: Haunted Edition

Who should receive our Advocate of the Year Award? It’s high time we recognized the people who advocate for our movement and inspire others to take action for safe, healthy, and affordable homes for all. Nominate someone you know to receive … read more.

Housing Developments: Bal-lot to Consider

Ballots arrive this week and some decisions are easier than others. First of all, #YesOnProp1, obviously. Secondly, the rest of the ballot is up to you; but that’s not to say you’re on your own. Here are a few resources to … read more.

Housing Developments: Homeless in the shadow of the Magic Kingdom

Join us Thursday for “probably the best movie you’ll see this year” The Gates Foundation and A24 Films (the firm who brought us last year’s Best Picture winner ‘Moonlight’) have partnered with HDC, WLIHA, and The Seattle University Project on … read more.

Housing Developments: Sign from The Times

Vets, Seniors, and Human Services Levy endorsed by The Seattle Times! “The proposal should be an easy yes vote for King County residents.” We agree! You can support the levy by phone banking, endorsing, or sharing your story here. Other Developments… “If you don’t … read more.

Housing Developments: Live from Housing WA!

HDC staff are in Spokane this week for the 24th annual Housing Washington Conference! If you’re in the Lilac City, too,  catch our presentation on source of income discrimination, visit us at booth 20 to take our prize wheel for … read more.