Policy & Advocacy

Housing Developments: Making Affordability Mandatory

Join us tonight for the First Public Hearing on Citywide Mandatory Housing Affordability   Wallingford, Ravenna, Roosevelt, U-District, and Sand Point residents: now is your time to shine! The public hearing process for citywide Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA) kicks off in District … read more.

HB 1797: Dial up the pressure!

HB 1797 is our best chance this session to ensure local governments can fund the affordable housing development and preservation that their communities need. You can take action for housing affordability today by making a phone call to your legislators! … read more.

Housing Developments: Counting, jamming, and building

As more people experience (and exit) homelessness, volunteers set out to enumerate the county-wide crisis All Home’s annual Count Us In event got a fair amount of press last week, though the new data won’t be available until the spring. The … read more.

HB 1797: Press the Issue! Letter writing campaign for affordable housing funding

Local governments know their affordable housing needs. HB 1797 gives them the tools to meet them. It’s time for us to press the issue: Send a letter to your local editor! HB 1797 is our best chance this session to … read more.

Housing Developments: #shovelready

3,066 affordable homes in the balance as legislature mulls capital budget Tomorrow is the eighth day of the legislative session and it is a doozy. Why? Because it is also the deadline for housing developments expecting Housing Trust Fund dollars … read more.

Housing Developments: A civic Rorschach test

Ft. Lawton public hearing tomorrow, 1/9 The Stranger calls it a “civic Rorschach test.” Fenced-off, vacant, surplus public land in Magnolia could become the site of over 200 affordable homes, but only with support from Seattle neighbors. The Seattle Office of … read more.

Housing Developments: Stick a fork in 2017

We did a lot together in 2017. Thank you. Last year we passed the Vets, Seniors, and Human Services Levy, made room for affordable housing in more neighborhoods through inclusionary zoning, protected whole cities from source of income discrimination, and … read more.

Housing Developments: “A down payment on an affordable future.”

921 new affordable homes coming to Seattle! Mayor Durkan’s office announced this morning the city will invest just over $100 million in affordable homes for people with low incomes and those experiencing homelessness. Calling the investment “a downpayment on an affordable … read more.

Housing Developments: Things that shouldn’t need to be said

Tax Reform Conference Committee begins work this week Affordable housing advocates haven’t had a moment to rest this year, and it doesn’t look like there will be a break in the action just yet. The National Low Income Housing Coaltion … read more.

Housing Developments: Taxing headlines worth being riled up over

Two tax bills, but no tax law yet. The Senate passed its tax bill, HR 1,  at 2 am EST Saturday, only hours after a final draft of the bill had been finalized. Two days later, much remains unclear about … read more.