Housing Developments: Not a slow news week.

Affordable Housing Week 2018 kicks off in just one week!

Join Rep. Nicole Macri and Washington State Poet Laureate Claudia Castro Luna as we kick-off our third annual Affordable Housing Week! Register to attend the kick-off on Monday, May 14th at noon at Seattle City Hall. Following a brief kick-off rally, we’ll march down the street to accept the King County Council’s proclamation.

No matter who you are or where you live in King County, there is something you can do for housing affordability in your neighborhood. Learn about what you can do and share ideas with others during an event-filled week! See the full calendar here.

#AHW2018 Theme Song Contest! 

If the thought of safe, healthy, affordable homes for all makes your heart sing, let the world know! Send us a video of you or your team breaking it down for affordable homes by Thursday, May 10th. We’ll announce the winner at our kick off rally on May 14th.

For inspiration, check out last year’s winner Weber Thompson performing their instant classic “Rad Row House.”

Other developments…

  • Seattle Advocates: Three more public hearings on MHA remain! D2, you’re up next. Show up to ensure new growth in Seattle includes affordable homes.
  • It’s National Call-in Day: Urge Congress to fully invest in Affordable Housing Programs! Join The National Low Income Housing Coalition’s annual Our Homes, Our Voices campaign by calling your congressional representatives about federal affordable housing investments today. View a sample script and dial (202) 224-3121.
  • Every talking head is talking about the head tax As Amazon narrows its highly publicized search for HQ2, this week all eyes are on Seattle. The company halted a downtown project pending next week’s vote on an employee hours tax. Choice words from the headlines include “showdown,” “hardball,” “fury,” “fury” again, and “Seattle nice died.” Looking for an explainer? The Seattle Times examines how we got here, and Geekwire Podcasts audio-friendly version.
  • Sound Transit’s Board is on board for affordability and equity around the county the agency codified internal language to meet 2015 direction from the Legislature. The policies prioritize surplus land for affordable housing, like this.
  • Local leaders should be courageous when tackling homelessness and housing affordability, new research out of Seattle University School of Law says.
  • Amidst soaring costs of living, case workers are ‘a paycheck away from being homeless themselves.’ Local agencies grappling with high turnover get a sympathetic ear from some Seattle City Councilmembers.
  • King County & Seattle sign MOU to restructure regional homelessness response. The County and Seattle will develop recommendations on how to improve the governance structure by December 1st.
  • Rainier Beach ready for REDI: Mt. Baker Housing announced plans for new affordable homes in the first Seattle project funded through Enterprise Community Partners’ REDI Fund.
  • Affordable Housing a talking point for Eastside legislators at East King County Chamber of Commerce event. Representatives from every eastside district were present with ideas ranging from upzones to condominium legislation.
  • Auburn is exploring incentivizing affordability or ‘attainability,’ as Mayor Backus calls it.
  • Nearly 10,000 households live in mobile homes around the county, all of them at risk for redevelopmentsays KCHA Executive Director Stephen Norman.
  • 133 new affordable homes opened in the U-District today! Bellwether Housing held the grand opening ceremony for Arbora Court this morning.