HDC Awarded Proud Partner Award

At the 2019 Affordable Housing Week Kickoff Event, the Housing Development Consortium was awarded the Proud Partner Award by the Washington State Housing Finance Commission. The Commission and HDC have worked together for thirty years, have shared many successes, and have effectively collaborated time and time again to achieve our shared vision of everyone living in dignity in safe, healthy, and affordable homes.

“They are our superheroes of housing in Seattle King County.

And like the best superheroes, they are a team with a wide range of powers.

Like Captain America, they lead the troops with integrity and get us all headed in the same direction.

Like Black Panther, they show their claws when necessary and use their technological superiority to mobilize and support us all.

Like Spider-Man, they stick to it and persevere through the webs of politics.

Like the Hulk, they smash through barriers—like institutional racism and NIMBYism.

And like Captain Marvel, they light up the darkness and blast us forward into a brighter future.”

HDC, we at the Housing Finance Commission are very pleased to honor you with a Proud Partner Award. Thank you for being our superheroes of housing!”-Kim Herman