Thank you DESC!

HDC is proud to call the Downtown Emergency Service Center (DESC) a member and a strong partner in the affordable housing movement. DESC serves the most vulnerable in our community, those living with serious mental illnesses or substance use disorders. Through a “housing first” strategy, DESC is a leader in compassionate, successful approaches to homelessness.

DESC’s Clement Place property has 100 studio units of affordable housing with supportive services. This property benefited from the federal Low-Income Housing Tax Credit program. As a part of the financing, DESC had the opportunity to make a donation to a nonprofit. Recognizing HDC’s role as a systems change organization working through advocacy, education, and leadership to ensure a landscape where affordable housing development is a priority, DESC made their donation to support our work. We are so appreciative of the work DESC does to lead and support our shared vision for a King County where everyone lives with dignity in safe, healthy, and affordable homes.