Thank You Cascade Affordable Housing Consultants!

HDC is proud to call Cascade Affordable Housing Consultants (CAHC) a member and a strong partner in the affordable housing movement. Cascade Affordable Housing Consultants works as a leader and partner to help create affordable, inclusive communities.

CAHC’s Burien Haus apartments in South King County provides 33 affordable homes to older adults looking for affordable homes with community amenities. This property benefited from the federal Low-Income Housing Tax Credit program. As a part of the financing, CAHC had the opportunity to make a donation to a nonprofit. Recognizing HDC’s role as a systems change organization working through advocacy, education, and leadership to ensure a landscape where affordable housing development is a priority, CAHC made their donation to support our work. We are so appreciative of the work CAHC does to lead and support our shared vision for a King County where everyone lives with dignity in safe, healthy, and affordable homes.