Advocates Urge Cities to Maximize Their Impact

1 in 3 households in King County are spending more than 30% of their income on rent. Too many of our neighbors have been priced out of their communities as rents rise out of reach, with many more falling through the growing gap between the tremendous need for affordable housing and the availability. We need 156,000 affordable homes right now, and more tomorrow. So, what can we do? We can urge our leaders to use every tool in their policy toolbox and ensure that we are maximizing the impact of those policies.

HDC, our 180 members, our partners, and the entire King County affordable housing movement has an opportunity to scale the production, preservation, and maintenance of affordable housing. This past legislative session, HB 1406 was passed allowing local municipalities to retain a portion of the state sales tax to use for affordable housing. Cities have 6 months, until January 28, 2020, to pass a resolution of intent to use these funds. To learn more about the legislation go here.

Cities across King County are beginning to discuss this legislation and their plans on using it. This is a moment where we need a strong advocacy presence to show the importance of this new funding tool, and how cities can maximize their impact by pooling their resources through sub-regional partnerships. On Monday July 15th, 1406 champions testified to Kenmore City Council and Burien City Council. This is just the beginning. We need advocates in every city to take action.


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