Program Recap: Sanden Heat Pump Trainings

As HDC moves forward with its Exemplary Buildings Program–focused on providing both sustainable and affordable homes–partners and allies supporting the work are keenly aware of the need to secure a trustworthy and cost-effective way to address domestic hot water. Last Wednesday, HDC partnered with Sanden International USA and SmallPlanet Supply to offer specialized training for heat pump installers.

John Miles, General Manager of the Eco-Systems division for Sanden, led an all-day training to HDC members. John is a close-to-30-year veteran of the HVAC/Plumbing industry and currently oversees sales and support of the first commercially available “Air to Water” CO₂ Heat Pump Water Heater, aimed at residential and commercial applications.

He introduced the group to the SanCO2 Heat Pump Water heater, which is based on Eco Cute technology and features the highest efficiency and First Hour rating of any HPWH presently sold in North America. This cutting-edge alternative to traditional electric or gas water heaters absorbs heat from the outside air to heat water – minimizing household energy bills and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.