HDC Member Highlight: BEE Consulting

It was BEE Consulting’s mission-driven work that led them into the affordable housing sector.

Formed in 1999, BEE Consulting’s primary focus has always been to perform superior building envelope design for their clients and community. Over the years, the team has added additional services that round out the package of what their consultants can provide including full building energy analysis, weatherization design, window testing, air barrier design and testing, and infrared thermography.

BEE’s team is comprised of a group of licensed professional engineers, consultants, experienced construction inspectors, highly qualified fenestration and air barrier testing technicians and CAD drafters who have extensive experience in envelope details and materials specifications. Their team’s diverse backgrounds and connections abroad help them give a special insight to the international work and development practices.

As new members of HDC, the BEE Consulting team is excited to collaborate with other leaders in the sector on sustainable and affordable building. Their team is eager to provide insight and advise as much as possible. They look forward to giving back to the community through affordable and energy-efficient solutions.

BEE has already partnered with many fellow HDC members. BEE consulted on one project especially cherished to members and partners, the Filipino Community Village. Located in the Rainier Valley neighborhood of Seattle, Filipino Community Village provides affordable housing opportunities for households with seniors 55 and older. You can watch a recording of project partners discussing the incredible collaboration and project during our Affordable Housing Week event, Increasing Options for Aging in Place.

With BEE, the team is designing for more cost-effective and sustainable communities. They explore affordable solutions that can also reduce a building’s carbon footprint and energy costs. This is fundamental to their decision making and recommendations. BEE offers many services to meet each building envelope engineering needs, including a variety of services for new design, remediation, research, and forensics. They have a strict policy to provide accurate costs for all their services so developers can appropriately budget.

BEE has been sharing and advocating for a special promising practice for affordable housing: triple pane windows. Standard windows are single or double pane, but the extra glass can make units more energy efficient, comfortable, and durable. As with new double paned window installations, a seal between each pane makes the windows airtight and allows for improved insulation and can improve up to 20-30% on energy efficiency. Because of these insulating properties, triple pane windows can help regulate unit temperature at a comfortable level, reducing monthly energy bills.

While some sustainable building practices – like solar paneling – can be a very expensive investment, triple pane windows are particularly worthwhile considering windows can take up 30% of the wall. Triple pane windows are a durable, long-term investment as they last for 30-40 years. These can be utilized for large or small windows. Lastly, triple pane windows can help the overall comfort of a unit. Triple pane windows are more effective at keeping out sound, which is particularly beneficial in King County metropolitan areas.

As a steward of sustainable development, BEE Consulting is excited to be joining HDC and assisting fellow members in simple, eco-friendly improvements to projects. To learn more about this incredible team, visit their website or reach out to Telman Gasanov, BEE’s Principal & Energy Department Manager.

Welcome, BEE!