Honoring Frontline Staff, an Emerging Leader, and Board Service in 2023

White text on a blue background reads: 2023 Frontline Staff, Emerging Leader, and Board of Directors Awards

At our 2023 Annual Member Meeting last week, we had the distinct honor of presenting our Frontline Staff Awards, Emerging Leader Award, and Board of Directors Award. These awards recognize individuals who have been outstanding champions of HDC’s mission and have made an important impact in the community and the affordable housing sector. 

Frontline Staff Awards

Khadijah Abdullah, Senior Resident Services Coordinator, Mt. Baker Housing Association

Senior Resident Services Coordinator at Mt. Baker Housing, Khadijah has served her community for over ten years. Khadijah is a graduate of the 2023 HDC LDSC cohort and is also the co-chair of the Resident Services Affinity Group. Her presence is deeply felt, and the Resident Services culture is modeled after her approach of centering and meeting residents where they are. Khadijah Abdullah is the heart and soul of Mt. Baker Housing Association. Congratulations, Khadijah!

Hirut Dube, Social Services Coordinator, Ethiopian Community in Seattle

As Social Services Coordinator for Ethiopian Community in Seattle, Hirut has provided culturally and linguistically specific support to families to access housing for over ten years. Her work ranges from helping people access temporary housing to assisting them navigate the complicated processes of securing more permanent affordable housing. So great is her impact that, in the East African community that she serves, community members usually refer those who are in need of housing to “Hirut at ECS”! Congratulations, Hirut!

Emerging Leader Award 

Katie Randall, Project Developer, Mercy Housing Northwest 

Project Manager at Mercy Housing Northwest, Katie is a dedicated contributor to the affordable housing sector. She serves in leadership roles on several HDC strategic committees, including the Equity & Community Work Group. Additionally, she was part HDC’s 2020 LDSC cohort and was HDC’s 2021 Board Fellow. Katie engages at an incredibly high level and has made a tremendous impact at Mercy Housing Northwest, HDC, and the entire affordable housing sector. Congratulations, Katie! 

Board of Directors Award 

Doug Ito, Partner, SMR Architects 

Doug Ito is a paragon of exemplary leadership. 

Doug has a successful history of working on and advocating for affordable and supportive multifamily housing developments for individuals and families. He served on the HDC Board of Directors, including two years as Board President, and he also participates in the Washington State Department of Commerce’s Affordable Housing Advisory Board and the City of Tacoma’s Affordable Housing Action Strategy Technical Advisory Group. 

Dedicated to preserving the historic fabric of communities throughout the state, Doug has made substantial contributions to the work of historic preservation. Additionally, he currently volunteers on the committees of several nonprofit housing providers, including dancing for Plymouth Housing’s fundraiser, Seattle Dances; as a member of HDC’s Membership & Resource Development Committee and Celebration Planning Committee; and as co-chair of the Seattle Housing Levy Task Force in 2022 and the Seattle Housing Levy Campaign in 2023. 

We’ve been privileged to witness Doug’s unwavering dedication and outstanding leadership in the realm of affordable housing. His commitment to prioritizing people and advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion has profoundly enriched our community. Thank you for your commitment and service, Doug.