JUST is a voluntary disclosure tool for all businesses, including but not limited to for-profit businesses; nonprofits; government agencies; publicly and privately traded companies; trade unions; and family-owned businesses anywhere in the world. It is not a verification or certification program.

*These ratings are reflective of HDC in 2020. See here for our current staff makeup.

About the JUST Program

The International Living Future Institute (ILFI) launched the JUST program to harness the power of transparency and gain traction in market forces to create social change.

HDC is proud to have undergone the evaluation and recognize our successes, as well as our areas to improve upon.

Below is an abridged version of HDC policies as they relate to JUST measurements. 


HDC is committed to creating and maintaining an inclusive workplace. The ultimate goal of inclusion efforts is improved organizational performance, which only comes about when people feel valued, supported, and respected for their individuality. HDC defines inclusion as the proactive and sustained organizational practice of creating a safe, warm, welcoming, and supportive environment for all employees. Inclusion is the support for a collaborative environment that values open participation from individuals with different backgrounds, ideas, viewpoints, and perspectives.

Ethnic Diversity

HDC strives to achieve ethnic and racial diversity and inclusiveness within our workforce. Our desire is for a workforce that is as ethnically and racially diverse as the community of King County in which we operate. HDC further aspires for the ethnic makeup of our board and staff to ultimately be reflective of the residents that our members serve.

Gender Diversity

HDC is committed to ensuring gender diversity and non-binary inclusiveness within our workforce, as a member of society that treats men and women equally in all aspects of life and work. HDC is committed to ensuring that womxn, transgender, bigender, non-binary, gender fluid, gender queer, agender, and gender non-conforming people have the same opportunities for recruitment, hiring, training, promotion, and leadership positions as men and gender conforming employees. HDC’s gender diversity and inclusion efforts strive not only for relatively equal numbers of employees of all backgrounds in the organization but, most importantly, to have equitable representation in senior leadership, executive, and board positions.

Employee Engagement

HDC strives to proactively advance a culture and work environment where employees feel inspired, motivated, and engaged. Employee engagement is the extent to which employees feel passionate about their jobs, are committed to the organization and put discretionary effort into their work.

Full-Time Employment

The hiring of full-time employees is the primary basis of HDC’s workforce and the majority of our workforce consists of full-time employees. We understand that full-time employment contributes significantly to the welfare and future well-being of individuals, families, and communities as well as to HDC itself.

Pay-Scale Equity

HDC applies an equitable compensation scale lens across all job classifications and pay-scale gradients for all of employees from the lowest job classification employee to the highest job classification employee. The goal of a compensation equity policy is to address discrepancies in employee compensation that relate to the traditional over-valuation of work performed by senior executives and the under-valuation of work performed by employees in the lowest job classifications. An appropriate compensation scale ratio recognizes that there are real and merited differences in employee compensation scales within an organization’s equitable compensation program, but it puts a realistic and equitable maximum limit on the differences in this compensation.

Freedom of Association

HDC proudly and actively supports the right of employees to self-organize and, if desired, join or form a union to represent the employees in collective bargaining. HDC does not in any way, resist or campaign against unions, or take action against employees for being involved in or belonging to a union or informal self-organization.

Living Wage

HDC is committed to and demonstrates that we provide a minimum of a Living Wage for all our employees. A Living Wage is defined as financial compensation that reflects what individuals need to support themselves and their families above the poverty line, based on the actual costs of living in King County. HDC utilizes the Poverty in America: Living Wage Calculator as the basic tool in determining the minimum living wage we seek to pay our employees. HDC has set the two adults (One Working) configuration as the standard for determining the living wage that we pay our employees. Compared to a legislated minimum wage, a Living Wage is a higher standard for HDC to meet in reference to compensation for our employees.

Gender Pay Equity

HDC is committed to and has implemented a working gender equity pay scale. HDC’s practice is that there is no gender-based wage discrimination in our organization. HDC’s implementation ensures that gender pay scales are utilized that meet or exceed applicable legislated wage requirements and industry standards, and compensate, on the same basis, all individuals performing the same or similar work or work of equal value. HDC has achieved parity in our pay scales for male and female employees. There is a variance allowance that recognizes and accounts for differences in employee experience and length of service built into the pay scale that is not gender-based.

Physical Health

HDC proactively supports the physical health of our employees and strives to ensure that staff are provided working conditions that allow them to do their best work and live long, healthy lives. The organization endeavors to make it easy for our employees to make healthy choices and that everyone feels included in the vision of what healthy looks like.


HDC seeks to optimize the emotional, social and spiritual well-being of employees, and provide a healthy work environment that holistically fosters this. Employees should feel comfortable, empowered and encouraged to take care of themselves and their families in ways that they see fit.

Employee Health Care

HDC proudly provides a comprehensive employee benefits plan for our employees and their families that includes comprehensive health care insurance coverage (medical, dental, vision), short and long-term disability coverage, AD&D and life insurance. HDC pays for all of these comprehensive benefits for employees, and extends our pricing to employees who wish to cover family members. HDC meets or exceeds all government rules and regulations regarding the provision of health care insurance for employees and their families.

Training and Education

Within available resources, HDC seeks to support, sponsor, and contribute financially to education and training opportunities for our employees. This includes all education and training activities that are relevant to an employee’s professional knowledge and skills and to the specific needs of their job. At its discretion, HDC may provide some combination of financial and work-time support for continuing education programs. These various combinations include paying all or part of the associated costs (tuition, fees, books), either directly or through employee reimbursement, as well as providing for paid work-time attendance.

Local Communities

HDC endeavors to support and continually deepen our relationship with the community that we serve, and demonstrates the accountability that comes when senior leadership and stakeholders reside in the places we impact. Nearly all of HDC’s board and staff are residents of King County, and 100% work for an organization that serves the King County community. As part of our commitment, HDC invests our reserves in our local community, with community banks and credit unions.

Community Volunteering

HDC supports community volunteer involvement as an investment in our community and its residents. Volunteering provides valuable community services and strengthens a community in many ways such as supporting families, improving schools, supporting youth, and beautifying the community. HDC provides up to 1 paid day per year for staff to volunteer, and recognizes our employees engaged in community volunteering focused on support for charitable, nonprofit community organizations and to local, state, or federal level government agencies.

Animal Welfare

HDC supports animal welfare, meaning the ethical, merciful, non-abusive and non-harmful treatment of animals and the prevention of any distress and pain so they enjoy a dignified and humane quality of life. HDC is not involved in the production, promotion or sale of goods and services that are antithetical to the well-being of animals.

Charitable Giving

HDC is committed to and actively involved in charitable giving to worthy causes within our community. HDC offers our nonprofit members participation in workplace charitable giving through our Charity Federation. Passing through charitable donations leverages and demonstrates our support of the valuable work our members do in the community.

Positive Products and Services

HDC is committed to involvement with products and services that have positive societal and environmental impacts that improve the quality of human and animal life, and that make a positive contribution to community and society. HDC implements this policy through purchase of fair-trade products and services that are environmentally-friendly, people-friendly, and animal-friendly.

Equitable Purchasing

HDC is committed to and demonstrates support of local businesses and economies by sourcing and purchasing products and services from local, independently owned and operated businesses. HDC patronizes local businesses as an investment in our community, helping to ensure the health, vibrancy and sustainability of the economy and communities in King County. Whenever possible, HDC purchases products and services from certified Women and Minority-Owned Businesses (WMOBEs), Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Businesses (SDVOBs), certified B Corps, and organizations with JUST certification.

Supply Chain

HDC demonstrates policies, programs and practices that improve social performance and social responsibility across the supply chain. When selecting vendors/contractors, HDC considers social, ethical, environmental and safety impacts in the supply chain.