Housing Developments: A whole lotta light at the end of the legislative tunnel

Six Big Steps Towards Safe, Healthy, Affordable Homes for all

A few short weeks remain in the 2018 State Legislative Session and housing advocates; you are killing it! Our key bills are all in play and have either moved on to the next house or are not subject to cut off dates, so we need to continue advocating! Take a minute to send off these six quick messages to your lawmakers on key housing bills, then treat yourself for taking action on this most Monday-ish of Tuesdays. 




This has been a great session for housing bills so far, but we can’t take our feet off the gas. Your emails make a difference, and you rock for taking the time to send them!  

Other Developments…

  • Pipe up at PLUZ’s public hearing on proposed parking p-changes! Seattle City Council’s PLUZ committee will hear proposed changes to off-street parking tomorrow at 9:30 am. If you’re reading this email, you’re invited to join Seattle For Everyone Coalition members before hand to coordinate testimony.

  • Cool new gadget alert: Inclusionary Housing Calculator This updated tool explores the relationship between various affordable housing incentives and requirements, market conditions, and the development of affordable housing.

  • HDC is turning 30 this year! Join us March 6th for our big 3-0.   

  • For every 100 households with extremely low incomes, there are only 29 affordable homes in our region. Gene Falk takes a look at how that compares to other major metro areas. (Hint: not great, but not the worst!)

  • A win-win in Kirkland as City Council votes unanimously to purchase land for a shelter for women and families and a building swap with KCHA. 

  • “Naturally affordable” housing in Seattle is losing to the pressures of market forces. Real Change explores what’s happening at the Fenimore Hotel and the city as a whole. 

  • Imagine Housing’s Athene Grand Opening in Kirkland is tomorrow! Join in here

  • Mary’s Place opens a new shelter in Kenmore tonight! Join in here

  • Need a ramp to make your home accessible, or know someone who does?The Master Builders Association of King & Snohomish Counties might build you a free one if you apply by March 1.

  • Older adults of the Seattle LGBTQ community: participate in this survey from the Office of Housing and you might win a $200 QFC or Fred Meyer gift card. 

  • City of Kent is considering a Rental Licensing inspection program and we’re all about it. Learn more and encourage them to make healthy homes happen here.