• HDC Celebration

    Join HDC and 900 of our closest friends for our 9th Annual Celebration on March 7 to recognize the numerous accomplishments of our 130+ member organizations county-wide, across the affordable housing sector. More

  • NeighborWorks Training Institute

    NeighborWorks will be hosting a training symposium from Feb 20-24 in Seattle. Don't miss this opportunity to network with over 2,000 colleagues, while enhancing your professional development. Scholarship opportunities available. More

  • King County is growing fast. While the benefits are real, and many, this rapid growth has also created an economic gap that threatens to divide our residents into those who can access housing and those who cannot. That is why the Housing Development Consortium’s 130+ member organizations and businesses work hard to ensure that all people live with dignity in safe, healthy, and affordable homes within communities of opportunity.

    From Seattle to Bellevue, from Kent to Kenmore, our members advocate and collaborate to increase the number of accessible homes for individuals experiencing homelessness, low-income families, and for our workplace. We exist to keep our neighbors thriving and our communities equitable.