• Learn at Lunch

    Join us for a continuation of our Learn at Lunch series on August 30. The Seattle Office of Housing will update members on upcoming policies and funding opportunities, and members are free to bring questions for department heads. More

  • Quarterly Member Meeting

    We hope to see you September 15 when we convene HDC membership for our quarterly member business meeting. All members are welcome to attend, but should send at least one voting representative. More

  • Passive House Training forum

    HDC and King County GreenTools are hosting an all-day training session (September 26) ahead of the annual Passive House Conference in Seattle. This training will will explore trends in passive building and demonstrate its potential for scalability. More

  • Affinity Groups

    Interested in exploring topics that are important to you and your organization? Browse our Affinity Group options to find a group that is right for you! This is a benefit to our members. More

  • King County is growing fast. While the benefits are real, and many, this rapid growth has also created an economic gap that threatens to divide our residents into those who can access housing and those who cannot. That is why the Housing Development Consortium’s 140+ member organizations and businesses work hard to ensure that all people live with dignity in safe, healthy, and affordable homes within communities of opportunity.

    From Seattle to Bellevue, from Kent to Kenmore, our members advocate and collaborate to increase the number of accessible homes for individuals experiencing homelessness, low-income families, and for our workplace. We exist to keep our neighbors thriving and our communities equitable.